Former Sulphur Resident Returns to Make a Heartfelt Donation to WCCH


West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital recently received a donation of a Cuddle Cot for the Sallye Jean Toniette, M.D. Women’s Center.

Exercising With Arthritis


We all know that people who are physically active are healthier and have a higher quality of life than people who are inactive.

Protecting Girls From Cervical Cancer


Parents immunize their children against many diseases. Thanks to the availability of vaccines, epidemics such as polio and pertussis, or whooping cough, have been controlled and virtually eliminated.

Comforting a Colicky Baby


There’s nothing unique about a wailing baby, but when their cries stretch out over a span of several hours, it can feel like a relentless battle of wits between baby and parent. You rock them, burp them, change their diaper, and they just keep crying. And crying. And crying.

Discovering Hearing Loss in Babies


Cooing and babbling from infants are part of normal development. They mimic the sounds they hear. Imagine for a moment if their world was silent. Without hearing sounds, they would have nothing to pattern after and their language skills wouldn’t progress.

Give me a "D" for Dangerous!


Cheerleading riskiest of all young women’s sports During most sporting events, most parents and coaches focus on the safety of the players on the field. But there’s growing evidence they should be paying closer attention to the jumping, tumbling, and flipping athletes on the sidelines as well.

Understanding the New Blood Pressure Guidelines


The ten-year-old blood pressure medication guidelines were updated last fall, resulting in the allowance for blood pressure to be higher in adults over the age of 60 before medications are recommended.

When Menopause Arrives Too Soon


The effects of a period aren’t a picnic, from bloating to cramps, but having a regular menstrual cycle is, for the most part, a sign that all things are functioning normally for women. The absence of it can be a symptom of much larger problems. Premature menopause occurs more often than once thought, and can lead to devastating consequences. Diagnosing it can be difficult, but as with all health conditions, understanding what is happening can bring relief on its own.