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Nothing is more precious than the gift of life, and WCCH considers it an honor to share the beautiful experience of childbirth with expectant mothers and their families. By coupling cutting edge-technology with well-respected OB/GYNs and clinical staff members, our Women’s Center is among the most popular birthing centers in the region.

Pregnancies range from routine to delicate and our staff is fully equipped to handle any childbirth-associated complications. With a Level II NICU and an adult ICU, specialists are on stand-by to provide care for any unexpected complications that may arise following delivery for mom and baby.

Tours of our facility can be scheduled, and are encouraged, prior to delivery. To schedule a tour, please call (337) 528-4706.


The comprehensive program we’ve created provides expectant mothers with the prenatal education, testing, and monitoring needed to ensure the proper health of both her and her newborn.  New mothers choosing to deliver with us will also learn about proper nutrition and work with their obstetrician to develop a birth plan, choose a pediatrician, and get properly prepared for the big day. 

Whole-family support is also offered through several educational offerings designed not only for mothers, but fathers and siblings as well. Classes cover childbirth preparation, infant CPR, having a new baby in the family, parenting, and breastfeeding.  A sibling class and a one day refresher course are offered quarterly based on interest.  

As an added convenience, our hospital offers online childbirth education classes for those with time constraints, schedule conflicts, or who prefer online courses to traditional one-on-one class offerings. Click here to view a demo. If you are interested in this online course, please complete the registration form.  If you are already registered, click here to access the e-learning site.


After delivery, our team is available to provide emotional support and valuable information for new moms so they can take special care of themselves and the new addition to their family. Breastfeeding education an assistance is available to interested families,

Free WebNursery is provided, and if ordered, new moms and family members may view pictures of baby by visiting Just click on the site to access the WebNursery and type in the hospital and baby information, including the photo ID #.


WCCH works closely with the medical team at OBG-1 of WCCH to provide personalized, comprehensive healthcare options to women at every age and stage of life. Our team works together to provide our patients with the latest information, medical diagnosis techniques, and treatment options that address every condition and/or disease process affecting women. Each woman is unique, and we understand the importance of carefully listening to our patients’ concerns and needs.

Whether you need an annual check-up, physical or require surgery, our team is here to help you on the journey of womanhood by offering services that address:

Yearly Pelvic Exams
Menstrual Disorders 
o Fibroids
o Endometriosis
Polycystic Ovaries
Urinary Incontinence
Pap Tests
Pelvic Pain

For more information on any of these conditions, or to schedule an appointment with OBG-1 of WCCH, please call (337) 312-1000.  To visit their website, click here.  


Our physicians and nurses have helped bring healthy and high risk infants into the world for over 35 years. The use of "mother-baby" suites at West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital (WCCH) exemplifies developmentally supportive care. From birth, newborns are placed in the same room as their mothers and fathers so that the new parents can immediately begin to bond with their baby.

The Sallye Jeane Toniette, MD, Women’s Center of WCCH houses newly renovated labor, delivery, and recovery rooms; a Level II nursery that can handle newborns experiencing complications associated with premature birth or other complications experienced during birth; the availability of an ICU is available for mother in the event of birthing complications; complete childbirth education programs ; breastfeeding education and breast pump rentals.

At WCCH, we understand that pregnancy and childbirth are two of the most significant moments for any family. By working with the experienced medical team at OBG-1 of WCCH, we are able to provide a wide range of obstetric services that address:

Morning Sickness
Associated Conditions
o Gestational Diabetes
o Blood Pressure 
o Anemia
Prenatal Care

For more information, or to schedule a tour of our Women's Center, please call (337) 528-4706.


Midwifery services are also offered to provide women with alternative approaches to women’s care. These specialists provide care starting with a woman’s first period until after menopause, plus all the important health events in between, such as:

General healthcare services
Annual gynecologic exams
Family planning needs
Treatment of sexually transmitted infections
Care during teenage years
Care for pregnancy, labor, and birth
Menopause care

For more information about Midwifery, or to schedule an appointment with a Midwife, please call OBG-1 of West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital at (337) 312-1000.  To visit their website, click here.


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